With several years of trading experience, our tutors have amongst the best of fundamental and technical knowledge in trading currencies.


We are a team of traders, from diverse backgrounds, who started this educational venture to teach people and provide them with the tools to become retail traders in the financial markets. We have over a decade worth of experience in the financial markets industry, as well as a proven track record.

All of our course presenters and mentors have all been trained to the highest standard to ensure the quality of learning for our students.

Also, to ensure the consistency of our course all of our team members who interact with our students are required to take quarterly tests to ensure they are up to date with our own materials, This facilitates us in being the best traders, teachers and mentors we can be. 


One of our main goals is to create opportunities for people to gain an in-depth understanding of the Forex market and learn how to profit from it.

There is a wise saying that “if you give a man a fish he will eat for a day. If you teach a man to fish he will eat for a lifetime”. We are true believers in this proverb.

Don’t be mistaken, this doesn’t apply to men, we also do have female course clients and believe they can be great traders as well. But aside from the jokes, our goal is to educate each person who participates in our course and give them the ability to learn how to fish, rather than just providing a fish that will only last a day, or a few days before allowing the hunger to return.

Ethics & Philosophy

Our ethics are pretty straightforward. We aim and strive to create a learning platform that accommodates anyone from any background. Not only do we not discriminate but we condemn such actions both on a personal level and within the industry. 

Honesty is a primary factor of our ethics and code of conduct. Our courses have been designed in a way to ensure you have learned everything we have learned from our long years of being traders. 

As a team we are big believers in charity, therefore, a minimum of 2.5 per cent of all profit generated is donated.

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