Course Features

See what extras we offer in addition to our course to help you become a trader.

Access to our exclusive learning portal

Gain entry to our education platform that was built just for our course students. Our course includes a full-featured walkthrough of how to use the portal.

We take great pride in our new and advanced learning portal that has taken us over two years to plan and develop. Our team worked countless hours to ensure that the learning portal is easy to navigate, user friendly and extremely interactive. 

When our prototype of the portal was launched, we took on board all of our clients’ feedback and ensured to take all of their suggestions into consideration. We believe that the input from our clients is what helped us create our edge-cutting platform.

Weekly resources

Unlock weekly resources to help you throughout your course. Our weekly resources include access to a variety of tools, cheat sheets amongst others. Amplify your progression by unveiling new tools to help you become a better Forex trader.

Trading toolbox

We understand how overwhelming trading can be, especially at the early learning stages. For this reason, we introduce our “trading toolbox” to students who are part of our Forex trading education programme. This toolbox provides very important tools that we believe are needed in order to become a successful trader.


Get access to our cheatsheets that are designed to assist you in your trading journey by making vital information easy to digest in bitesize chunks. We have developed cheat sheets for Japanese candlesticks patterns, oscillators and indicators, price action patterns as well as plenty more.

Access to our Q&A message board

As course instructors, we are aware of how each student learns at their own pace and have their own way of digesting and absorbing information. We embrace that all students are different and for this reason, we have created a question and answer message board. The purpose of this message board is to allow our course clients to reach out to us outside of the seminars, for any questions they may have or additional support that they may need.

The message board has two main functions, one which is for our course clients to directly message their assigned mentor(s), and secondly to be able to ask questions and reach out in the other threads, which are all moderated by members of our team.

Prizes, Awards & Giveaways just for our students

Having the right mindset is very important when undertaking our courses. This is why we strive to try to make our learning platform fun and competitive in a healthy way. We do this by giving out prizes, awards and giveaways that are only available to our students.

Receive analysis and trade ideas directly from our traders

We’d like to think that writing notes are only a third of learning. The rest is broken up between, understanding, backtesting and then implementing. That is why we dedicate our time to not only teaching you the strategies we use to trade but also going through the process of backtesting and implementation. 

Also, our analysis and trade ideas are drawn up with in-depth notes to understand our illustration and insight for the currency pairs our in-house traders are keeping an eye on.

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Forex 101

Learn the basics of Forex, how you can earn a profit by trading it and more.


Get a quick overview of what our Forex and stock trading course entails.

Trading Toolbox

Access an array of tools that can elevate your learning and trading journey.

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